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Renewal and Registration

Welcome to our Renew-Register-Grow website!

Jesus was calling, inviting, gathering, and embracing his friends and followers, one by one. Inspired and sustained by Him, who is the source of all life and love, our Saint John the Baptist Parish Family constantly longs to do the same, in His name.

Before we begin, let us answer some common and important questions regarding this simple but secure online form.

Yes. The website is secured with AES-256 encryption, which is the most secure encryption algorithm available today and is used extensively in government and military applications, as well as by businesses operating in highly regulated industries.

  1. On Holy Thursday 2024, also in honor of that very special day when Jesus gathered his Apostles and gave them the great gift of the Eucharist, his very Body and Blood, and instructed them to gather, celebrate, grow and do this always “in remembrance of me”, we launched our Register-Renew-Grow parish journey of updating all our parishioners’ data and contact information, in the process of our parish’s renewal and growth. Our secure website contains a renewal and registration form which is quite easy to complete. For those who would rather fill out a paper renewal and registration form, those will be provided throughout this entire process in our church’s entrance and exit doors and areas.
  2. In a parallel process, we will reach out, via a personal letter to all our parishioners who have not been active in our parish during the past two years, who continue to receive, at our parish’s expense, donation envelopes and who have not made any (even $1) contribution to the parish community during these past two years. Through our internal review, we have identified a large number of registered individual parishioners and families who are in this category. They will all be very kindly asked to reconsider their relationship and commitment to our parish.
  • Already from the time of his call and gathering of his apostles and disciples Jesus called them by their name. Throughout all Gospel stories, Jesus invites, embraces and sends forth his followers by their name. Our names, addresses, contact information, as well as our personal stories define us, and are also important to Jesus, and our parish community.
  • In the coming months we will be updating our parish administrative database, and this new and significantly updated administrative tool needs to contain all current and accurate information.
  • We currently live in the situation of “an administrative paradox.” The most outdated is our parish data and personal information regarding those of our parishioners who are often the most active and long-time members of our community.
  • With our desire to grow our parish and increase the involvement of all parishioners in their relationship with Christ and in the life of the community also comes the need to know who our active parishioners are and which of their individual talents they are willing to share for the good of our parish.
  • With an increased number of our new and young parishioners, especially our young families with children, we need to know better who these young parishioners are and how the parish can assist them and their children in the so desired personal and spiritual development.
  • We need to continue our community’s reflection regarding what the expression “I am a parishioner of Saint John the Baptist in Hillsdale” actually means. What should we rightfully expect from our parish community and what are we willing to contribute to the community’s mission and growth.
  • We have to be transparent and accountable to all members of our parish regarding our parish financial resources which might be imprudently used, or even wasted, on letters, mailings, donation envelopes, postage, and other “staying in touch” expenses used for a significant group of our “registered parishioners” who do not maintain any contact with our parish or don’t support us in any way, even marginally.

The information entered into this secure website is for the sole purpose of updating our internal parishioner database in order to better serve you and your dear family members.

We recommend either the primary or secondary adult complete the registration for all family members, including those 18 years and older, who use your home address as their primary address.

Yes. Please include all family members who use your home address as their primary residence.

No. If the young adult has relocated and uses his/her new address as their primary residence, please do not include him/her. However, if they live in this area, while still single or with their own families, please encourage them to register and participate in the life of our wonderful parish.

Kindly include all those who reside in your home and would like to be members of our parish community. Your parent, or parents, might also wish to be registered separately. In those situations, please follow their wishes and personal preferences.

Please, give us a call, or write to us, and we will be more than happy to address your own personal situation as well as your hopes, plans, and desires.

Yes, if you prefer, we have paper registration forms available at the entrances to the church.

For any inquiries, please call Cathy Williamson at 201-664-3131 Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM, or send an email to